Notable Alumni

What do an Astronaut, two Governors, and a CEO of one of the world’s largest oil companies have in common?

If you guessed that all of the above were all Triangles, you are correct!  Below is a list of notable triangle alumni, from chapters like ours all over the country.  This list had to be kept concise, because we wouldn’t want to bore you with the thousands of alumni that hold and have held highly respectable positions in engineering and the sciences.  Will you be the next notable alumni?

Ellison Onizuka
Ellison Onizuka

Ellison Onizuka (University of Colorado 1969)

Ellison Onizuka flew on Discovery as a mission specialist in January 1985 and lost his life in the Challenger accident in January 1986. The United States Air Force’s Onizuka Air Station was located in Sunnyvale, CA. (The station is now closed). An episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation mentions a (fictional) shuttlecraft named after Brother Onizuka.

Frank R. McCabe (Marquette 1950)

Frank R. McCabe was a member of the U.S. Olympic basketball squad which won the gold medal in 1952.

Fred R. Kappel (Minnesota 1923)

Fred R. Kappel was the first speaker by Telstar (phone via satellite), in phone conversation with President Johnson. He also served as Chairman of the Board for AT&T from 1962 to 1969

Jim Geringer (Kansas 1964)

Jim Geringer served as governor of Wyoming from 1995 to 2003.

Jay Hammond (Penn State 1941)

Jay Hammond served as Governor of Alaska from 1975 to 1983.

Steven L. Miller (Illinois 1964)

Steven L. Miller held the positions of President and CEO of Shell Oil Company from 1999 to 2002. He began his career with Shell in 1967.

Edward McCracken (Iowa State 1964)

Edward McCracken was president and CEO of Silicon Graphics, whose graphics computers are used for everything from animation in Star Wars to car modeling at GM.

Michael Morhaime (UCLA 1985)

Michael Morhaime is co-founder and President of Blizzard Entertainment, maker of popular video games such as World of Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo.

Robert S. Mayo (Armour 1924)

Robert S. Mayo wrote much of the entry for tunneling in the Encyclopedia Britannica.

Forrest L. Dowling (Wisconsin 1960)

Forrest L. Dowling was one of 11 Americans who reached the South Pole overland in January 1961.

Reinaldo Chohfi (UCLA 1985)

Reinaldo Chohfi has been credited with the discovery of Maranpampa, a large Inca city in Peru.

Robert B. Martin (Purdue 1924)

Robert B. Martin was awarded the first distinguished service in Korea in 1951.

Einstein working on the Manhattan Project

Richard Conklin (Illinois 1944)

Richard Conklin and several other Triangles worked on the Manhattan Project and witnessed the test of the first atom bomb.

Tom Graham (Louisville 1945)

Tom Graham has served as president of USX and of Armco Steel in Ohio. He has also served as chairman of the board of AK Steel.

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