Leadership Advantage

Mission Statement

Leadership Advantage at Colorado State University is an intensive leadership program, comprised of both seminar and workshop, whose main goal is to provide first-year engineers with the skill set needed to excel in social and leadership opportunities throughout their college as well as professional careers.


  • Early Move-in

  • Leadership skills

  • LA Paraphernalia

  • New Friends

  • Introduction to Leadership roles on Campus

  • Fun Challenges (Including a Ropes course)

  • Creating a Network with Industry

  • Food Provided

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When does this program take place?

Leadership Advantage will take place on August 19th and 20th.

Why should I apply?

Leadership Advantage is a great opportunity to develop your leadership skills and enhance your social skills. Our program is exclusively for engineers and will kick start your college career with valuable connections for your future.

When is the deadline for applications?

Applications will be accepted until the 4th of August.

Does this cost anything for me?

Leadership Advantage has a $50 attendance fee to cover the food, gear, and activities.

Who can apply?

Leadership Advantage is open to all first-year engineers, male and female.

Where does this take place?

Leadership Advantage will take place on the beautiful CSU campus.

Who is hosting this program?

Triangle Fraternity is hosting this event with the help of the talented women of Alpha Sigma Kappa (ΑΣΚ).


Contact Information

Please email LeadershipAdvantageCSU@gmail.com first before emailing our following contacts:

Nathan Marquez

Leadership Advantage Chair


Nathan Nash

Triangle President


Katie Greiner

ΑΣΚ President


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