Triangles at the Wolf Sanctuary

A few weeks ago some brothers traveled up to the Wolf Sanctuary to do some volunteer work, helping to maintain habitats for these beautiful animals. Thanks to Mitchell for setting this up for us, and the staff of the sanctuary for letting us come up and help!

A wolf has a nice stretch behind Chandler and Mitchell
Lunch with Chris and Kyle
Chandler taking a quick break
Alan... Alan... Alan! ALLLLAAAAAAANNN!!!
Alan taking a short break
Mitchell taking a moment to pose for the camera
I wonder if anybody ever reads these?
John and Cameron
The wolf on the left looks unimpressed, the one on the right seems to want to know what John’s shirt smells like
Ain't they cute?
John sharing a tender moment with the unimpressed wolf and the shirt sniffing wolf
Cameron with the ever unimpressed half wolf
Hi there!
A wolf peeks out around a tree
Hi there?
A wolf regarding the brothers warily from a distance
They seem to be allergic to shirts...
Some brothers hard at work
Some brothers posing in the truck
I seriously doubt anybody does read these...
More brothers at work
That wolf looks like its looking for an escape...
Chris posing with a wolf
That's a lot of food...
Brothers look out for eachother
Those overalls though...
Chris looking tired after a long day’s work
So meta... A picture of the picture takers
Kyle and Cameron taking pictures
Well he lost the overalls...
Chris taking a moment to pause for camera
I got nothing for this one...
A large group of brothers at lunch
So dang majestic
A regal looking wolf off in the distance
Chris playing with a wolf
Still got nothing
Brothers working
That looks fun
Brothers posing on the truck
Look how happy that wolf is
Jeremy greeting a wolf
I am unable to handle this level of adorable.
Chris saying hi to the wolf
I think the wolf likes her more than us
The wolf then danced with one of the sanctuary staff.
Such strength
The brothers hard at work
Oh hi
John saying hi to the wolf
Mitchell and the wolf got along pretty well
Now that is an intense look...
John moving between jobs
Chris moving two logs at a time
Again with the shirts...
John working with the wood chipper
Lots of moving logs
The brothers hard at work
I like to think this wolf is watching the brothers work
I guess the brothers were boring in this case…
Hello there!
Andrew and Daniel greet a wolf


Building Contest with ASK

We had a great time at this informal building contest event with Alpha Sigma Kappa. Unlike the usual materials we’re used to working with in engineering, we used marshmallows, toothpicks, and what very much appears to be a frosted cookie… The end result was a surprisingly recognizable Roman Colosseum.

President Alan (AKA King Triangle) is in the market for a new crown




I’ve been told the marshmallows on the cookie in the middle are a gladiator and a lion fighting it out…

image2 image8

Broomball Spring 2015

We had another awesome night of Broomball this semester. We had a great and everybody had tons of fun. And as usual, we had no injuries aside from the usual small scrapes and bruises. Well, with one exception…


Hey, at least he’s smiling…

But aside from a bruise and some split skin he was fine, so overall it was an awesome night of Broomball yet again. We hope to see everyone out here again next semester!