Coat of Arms_RevAbout Triangle

Personal and Professional Growth. That is how our members decided to describe the CSU Chapter of Triangle Fraternity. To aid our members in personal growth we offer a strong brotherhood, opportunities for public speaking, social engagements with Sororities, and plenty of community service opportunities. Professionally we offer job placement aid, resume building, leadership experience, and ties to industry. This is just the tip of the iceberg, feel free to dig into the site and see what we have been up to lately. While you’re at it visit us on Facebook or the contact page to get in touch with a Triangle member for a more personal story.

Some more general details about Triangle are:

  • Triangle is the only North American social fraternity exclusively for men majoring in engineering, architecture, and the sciences.
  • Triangle awards $33,500 in scholarships annually to undergraduate student’s.
  • Triangle has a very strict no hazing policy
  • Triangle offers a unique career network. We have over 15,000 living alumni, the majority of which are working in engineering or science related fields.
  • Triangle does not use Greek letters. We pride ourselves on standing out from other Greeks and decided not to use traditional lettering.
  • CSU Triangle does not have a live in requirement. In fact we don’t even have a house. Instead we own a center see more here.
  • Triangle is one of the cheapest Fraternities on campus with dues of $500 a semester.


Location: The Center

Unlike many fraternities at Colorado State, Triangle does not have a fraternity house.  Instead we have the “Triangle Center” where we hold various fraternity events, and social gatherings.  It is a rare occasion that no members will be at the center, whether it be studying for a big exam or just hanging out.

The Center is located just north of The Oval on the North East corner of Howes and Mulberry.  Here’s an overview showing campus:


And here’s a closer view of the intersection:


And of course a street view Center as seen on Google Maps:


We are located on the second floor of the complex, right above the tunnel.  The center is spacious, quiet, and clean.  If a social event is taking place, we always set aside a place to study for the students who are looking for a quiet place to work.  With multiple rooms, accommodating different members needs is never a problem.